Are you feeling stuck and struggling -
or a bit uncertain and fearful about what
the future may hold after your divorce?

Take this assessment and discover how to
Move Forward with Less Stress, More Confidence, Courage and Clarity!

While going through a divorce, you go through a grieving stage . You are grieving the the death of your marriage as well as the loss of your hopes and dreams for the future.

You may think you'll feel this way forever. However with the right type support and proven techniques you can recover from your divorce at lightening speed .... Even if your divorce is not final yet!

Once you complete the following  assessment you'll get some next steps you can take now to begin your journey to an AMAZING Next Chapter of your life - One that is FULL of PEACE and HAPPINESS!!!

Our Divorce Recovery Compass assessment has been designed to help you see where you are in your own personal divorce recovery, how much support you are receiving and how effectively you communicate with those around you.

Once you take the Divorce Recovery Compass assessment, check your inbox right away to see your score and receive some important next steps based on where you are in the divorce recovery process. My promise to you is that you will come away with hope and feel inspired with one or two techniques that will empower you to let go of the past and move forward with ease.

0=Not at all          4=I've given this some attention          7=I'm doing OK here          10=I've nailed this

I. Emotional Roller-Coaster

1. I have forgiven my ex and/or myself for the steps leading up to my divorce.

2. I can speak about my divorce without tearing up or feeling angry.

3. I am comfortable being me and do not need the approval of others.

4. I take full responsibility for my emotions and have let go of blame.

5. I have stopped asking “Why” and pondering the “What If’s” and “If Only’s”.

II. The X Factor

1. When I think of my X, I silently wish him well in his journey.

2. I am able to communicate with my X calmly and logically.

3. Hearing from or seeing my former spouse does not affect me one way or another.

4. I no longer have secret fantasies about getting even with my former spouse.

5. I no longer secretly believe that my X and I might reconcile.

III. Family Dynamics

1. I receive plenty of love and support from family and friends.

2. I am able to communicate effectively with my former in-laws.

3. I am 100% ok with my children’s relationship with their father.

4. I do not share all of the dirty little details with my children, family or friends.

5. I have confidence that my children will lead a healthy, successful life after the dust settles.

IV. Rediscovering You

1. I am stepping out of my comfort zone by attending social events alone.

2. I am clear about what my passion, hobbies and interests are.

3. I trust myself to make good decisions about my life and set proper boundaries.

4. I consistently nourish my body, mind and soul.

5. I am ready and willing to explore new and exciting adventures in life.

V. Your Fabulous Future

1. I feel in control of my life and my future

2. I feel comfortable about my financial future.

3. I believe that I have another soul mate and hope to marry again.

4. I have daily practices to prevent stress and overwhelm.

5. I am excited about what the next chapter of my life will bring.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I am ready and willing to discover exactly what is keeping me stuck and to take action in order to allow the magnificent woman within to emerge.

2. I highly value the offer of a complimentary private strategy session and would like to be considered for one.

3. I know the importance of investing emotionally and financially to experience greater peace, harmony and happiness.

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